Bravo Squadron


Bravo Squadron
Name:  James Duncan
Callsign:  "Aldaron"
Rank:  Lieutenant Colonel (LTCOL)
Specialization:  Intelligence Officer
Affiliation:  Men In Black
Squadron Assignment:  Bravo 2
Birthdate:  Nov. 10, 2788
Birthplace:  Unknown
Race:  Caucasian
Hair:  Dark Blonde
Eyes:  Blue
Height:  5' 5"
Weight:  135 lbs.
Preferred Vehicle:  An Olympian outfitted with common tech and salvaged Cybrid weaponry and components.

Personality:  Silent. When focused, will often not respond to transmissions until his mission objectives are complete. He often puts mission success before safety, risking his own life and the lives of others in the process.

Primary Directive:  To gather intelligence on the movement and operation of enemy and ally activity and relay all findings to the right people.

Born on Earth in 2788, James was raised in the care of foster parents until he was old enough to enter the service of the TDF. No mention of his parents is recorded (they were suspected to have died in a crash soon after James' birth), and his birthplace is unknown to all save him alone. When asked for a callsign upon entry into the TDF, an old book which he studied constantly as a child came to his head. He instantly assumed the moniker of one of his favorite characters within the pages: "Aldaron"

After enlistment, James spent much of his time observing others and often excluded himself from group activities. When he wasn't watching everyone else and assessing their performance in field operations, he was attempting to perfect and further develop his skills as a HERC pilot. Through his (apparently) extensive connections, he befriended officer 'Jem' Desarus, who later introduced him to officers Trent and Weston Eptusen. Not long after, communications broke off between James and them. During this time, James went back to his morose life until the day when he was unexpectedly contacted by Jem and Sentinal, who offered him a chance to sign on to a top secret project known only as Blue Darkness. Interested and unaware of the project's purpose, he spent some time deciding whether or not to accept their offer. Eventually, he decided to give it the go-ahead and found himself working in a subterranean facility on Titan as an intelligence officer in a black-ops organization dubbed the Men In Black.

  • Assisted in the gathering of data on deep space operations
  • Oversaw communications with the Charon surveillance operations while stationed on Titan

"Can you guys hear me?" — After turning on his radio during a field mission, unaware of its operational status

"I formally request that the K-SAT project be reconsidered as a viable tactical asset." — Speaking to MIB command about the possibility of continuing the development of the K-SAT space-based weapon [James had developed a sadistic infatuation with the K-SAT after learning of its existance]

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