Alpha Squadron


Alpha Squadron
Name:  Jyxe Clirr
Callsign:  "Antilles"
Rank:  General (GEN)
Specialization:  Military Strategist / Tactician
Affiliation:  Men In Black
Squadron Assignment:  Alpha 4
Birthdate:  Jun. 12, 2784
Birthplace:  Unknown
Race:  Caucasian
Hair:  Dark Brown
Eyes:  Hazel
Height:  5' 8"
Weight:  180 lbs.
Preferred Vehicle:  Apocalypse MKV-X (experimental variant with custom mounting and a new armor alloy)

Personality:  Compassionate, intellectual; Vigilant in his work; Courteous and respectful; Honors others above himself; Desires equality among all mankind and fights for the founding values he believes humankind has lost: faith, hope, and love.

Primary Directive:  To assist in all research related to the defense of human life.

Growing up in the ghettos of cities, survival became a necessary skill, and one he mastered quickly. From his experiences, he not only saw human depravity, he learned much about himself, both good and evil. Taken in by a monk named Nhut Voun'e at age 15, his book education began: culture, mathematics, reading, writing, civilization, history, and science were all subjects he grew to love and desired to understand. As a student, he learned much about military strategies of the past and was instructed in the martial arts. At the age of 18, he was accepted into the Terran Academy, amidst much rejoicing and suspicion by his dear friend and mentor, Nhut. Nhut's watchful eye searched for many dangers during the years Jyxe walked the academy's halls, warning Jyxe of the intricacies of the imperial system. Upon graduation, Nhut bode farewell and took off toward the outer colonies to investigate mysterious rumors of "unusual activity" on Mars.

Progressing through the ranks of a soldier with relative ease, Jyxe caught the attention of the Terran Defense Force. The TDF promptly transferred him to their orbital facilities above Earth. Training him as a backseat navigator, his superiors quickly realized his aptitude for strategic maneuvering. To test their theory, Jyxe was assigned to program the navigational coordinates for his ATC (atmospheric training craft) and his Echo Flight through an artificial hazard field. His flight finished the loop of checkpoints almost a full minute ahead of best time records. Soon after, he was moved to the accelerated pilot program where he earned his wings in both atmospheric and space fighter craft. He was then transferred to Gold Flight on the Gierling Platform.

Acknowledging his exceptional piloting skills, his superiors referred him to the Imperial Knights. Following this, he made squad leader a full year sooner than expected, raising eyebrows as to his connections in the Aristocracy. Ignoring these rumors, he continued to excel and even helped create better tactics and logistical responses in the event of another Earthsiege.

After reading a mysterious correspondence from his friend Nhut, Jyxe requested a transfer to Mars. Declined on the grounds that he was being evaluated as an Imperial Knight candidate, he quickly contacted his friend Nhut. The conversation only made Jyxe more confused, yet alert, as to what might truly be occurring at the moment. Apparently Nhut had discovered a secret Martian project involving exotic alien weaponry. Jyxe filed this information away and was later summoned to the Emperor's palace.

A week later, he was unbuttoning his new Knight's uniform and pondering the meaning of a certain female Knight's comment: "All of us are here for a reason...some of us know that reason, others don't. You need to know that you're here for a specific purpose. Find out what it is; many things depend on it..." His first assignment was to travel to Mars as a civilian and recon the situation there. He'd not only get to see his friend, but he'd recover something lost: the truth.

While on Mars, Jyxe was approached by a strange man who seemed to know everything about him. He said that he was a part of a covert organization that reported directly to the Emperor himself. The man was offering Jyxe the chance to know the truth he had been seeking - and even more - the chance to make a difference for humanity. Jyxe was suspicious, yet intrigued at the possibilities. Perhaps this was part of his greater purpose?

A month later, Jyxe found himself being shipped off to Titan to be recruited into this organization codenamed "Blue Darkness." Upon arrival, he met up with the same man again, who transported him to a subterranean facility that laid beneath a large mountain range. Once there, Jyxe finally learned the truth he had been seeking. But this truth turned out to be a nightmare: Prometheus was ALIVE! Even worse, the cybrids were apparently amassing in large numbers near the outer edge of the solar system.

From that moment on, Jyxe knew what he must do. This was his destiny...his purpose. He must do everything in his power to prevent those glitches from once again laying waste to his homeworld. With every fiber of his being he knew. This is what he was trained for...this is what he lived for. The fate of humanity depended on it.

  • Oversaw the testing of all new technology that MIB produced, including the K-SAT satellite-based weapon.
  • Oversaw the strategic planning of numerous vital military missions, including the assistance MIB rendered to the launch of the Dias Irae capsule.
  • Jyxe has a flawless tactical military record: He has never had a mission failure result on any mission that he has planned himself.

"The truth needs to be known..." — Jyxe's creed

"Is darkness the absence of light, or is light the absence of darkness?" — The Riddle of Life

"How often we follow the blinding lies of society. Does not wisdom's whisper call to you?" — Jyxe, challenging his squad

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