Alpha Squadron


Alpha Squadron
Name:  'Jem' Desarus
Callsign:  "Powio"
Rank:  General (GEN)
Specialization:  Chief Military Tactition,
   Engineer - Defense & Antimatter Tech
Affiliation:  Men In Black
Squadron Assignment:  Alpha 3
Birthdate:  May 2, 2810
Birthplace:  Old Barsoom, Mars
Race:  Hispanic
Hair:  Black, Semi-Long
Eyes:  Bicolored - Green/Gray
Height:  5' 8"
Weight:  150 lbs.
Preferred Vehicle:  Imperialized Dreadlock

Personality:  Lawful, somewhat free-spirited. He provides for a good source of comic-relief when appropriate but also becomes very serious when it comes to fufilling his primary objective.

Primary Directive:  To monitor enemy activity and provide countermeasures against it; and to research advanced technology in order to defend humanity.

Although Jem ranks among the top generals in the Men In Black, there are no legal records of him ever being an Imperial Knight. It is rumored that he instead worked as an independent on Mars during the rebellion before joining up with the MIB. Owning a Dreadlock, he made a living through the salavaging and selling of HERC components that had been strewn across the battlefield. It was easy for him as he possessed knowledge on the stealth capabilities of cloaking systems and jammers, which helped him avoid conflict as he scraped up the destroyed bases.

How Jem became part of the Men In Black in the first place is a story disputed by many of the recruits, however only the top generals know the truth about his backstory. Of the stories, the most popular involves another MIB official known as Victor, whom is believed to have been close friends with Jem before he was introduced to the Men In Black. Apparently, just before the cybrids launched their assault on Mars in 2830, they were reunited in a Martian tavern during an undercover reconnaissance mission. Information about the MIB had been leaked, but Victor helped him get into the MIB. As the evacuation took place, the two were directly spirited away to the MIB headquarters on Titan. Since then, Jem, under the callsign "Powio", quickly climbed the ranks of the squadron through his expertise in R&D and military tactics. Somewhere along the line, Victor mysteriously vanished, leaving only Jem to take his place.


Ironically, Powio's smaller projects always ended up incomplete or in failure. As a result, he has become comfortable with researching newer technology and developing bigger projects with most satisfying results.
  • He played a key part in the development and testing of the K-SAT space-based satellite weapon.
  • Independent projects included the creation of a complete and thorough database of all known military technology.
  • His most notable accomplishments include his dedication and developments toward anti-matter technology, which could literally allow someone to create and destroy matter at will.

"Yup, big explosion guaranteed when fired." — December 24, 2831, Failed Weapon Development

"For every attack, there's a counterattack." — January 29, 2832

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