Alpha Squadron


Alpha Squadron
Name:  Weston Eptusen
Callsign:  "Raven"
Rank:  General (GEN)
Specialization:  Lead Engineer -
   Advanced Weapons & Vehicles
Affiliation:  Men In Black
Squadron Assignment:  Alpha 2
Birthdate:  Dec. 2, 2783
Birthplace:  New San Diego
Race:  Caucasian
Hair:  Dark Brown
Eyes:  Green
Height:  6' 2"
Weight:  175 lbs.
Preferred Vehicle:  A modified Predator hovertank, similar to the chassis used by Harabec, but sacrificing protection for heavy stealth capabilities.

Personality:  Quiet, yet somewhat reckless. Has led covert operations only to blow his own cover by opening fire the first chance he sees to "be a hero."

Primary Directive:  To research advanced technology in order to defend against a possible third Earthsiege.

Ever since birth, Weston Eptusen was raised to become an Imperial knight. He grew up in a heavily populated area of New San Diego where his father, a descendent of Ambrose Gierling, pushed Weston and his brother Trent into a life of serving the empire. At the age of 21, Weston followed in his family’s footsteps and joined the TDF. He chose "Raven" as his callsign for no other reason than it "sounded good." Originally trained as a heavy Herc pilot, Raven abandoned assault Hercs after discovering the great stealth and speed capabilites of light attack tanks. When there were no scheduled missions, he spent his time at the Imperial academy collecting numerous scientific degrees and researching new weaponry for the empire. After being made an honorary Imperial knight at the age of 27 he recieved a classified communication from his brother "Sentinal" requesting him to join a secret branch of the imperial government known as the "Men In Black." Raven accepted the offer and headed the weapons and vehicle research division of the organization. Little did he know how important his job would become.

Raven's brother, who turned out to be the commander of the organization, soon informed him of the true purpose of the Men In Black—to provide Earth with an early warning system in case the cybrids were ever to return, and to defend humanity at all costs. Only the emperor, a few high-ranking generals, and the remaining members of the Immortal Brotherhood possessed knowledge of the organization. Their main objectives were to monitor cybrid movements in deep space, and to develop new and advanced technologies to defend humanity should the cybrids invade. MIB headquarters was based underground, inside an undesignated mountain range on Titan. Raven had overheard that the group ran surveillance operations in deep space. He assumed that was the only place any remaining cybrids would be able to hide. He was suspicious that his brother knew more than he was letting on about the 'brids. When the cybrids did return, Raven and his squadron were given clearance to field test cache technology, which made his job "a lot more fun." When the alliance requested additional pilots to combat the invasion, Raven decided to postpone much of his research and join in the fight. For covert operations, he took a liking to his latest project: a modified Predator hovertank similar to the chassis used by General Harabec. His chassis was tuned for optimum performance in stealth and speed at the expense of heavy armor.


  • Researched methods for reverse engineering cybrid technology and implementing it into next generation human chassis.
  • Led the development team that created the K-SAT Killer Satellite project. The satellite-based weapon proved to be too expensive for effective use in combat and the project was shut down.
  • Began work designing several advanced deep space probes that had the ability to travel much further than previously reached. Attempts have not been completely successful.

"Well... it floats." — After being asked to explain the how the anti-gravity generator works

"You sounded like you practiced that one." — January 15, 2820, after hearing his brother give a speech to a group of new MIB recruits

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