Alpha Squadron


Alpha Squadron
Name:  Trent Eptusen
Callsign:  "Sentinal"
Rank:  High Commander (HCMDR)
Specialization:  Military Command & Intelligence,
   Advanced Military Technology
Affiliation:  Men In Black
Squadron Assignment:  Alpha 1
Birthdate:  Sept. 7, 2781
Birthplace:  New San Diego
Race:  Caucasian
Hair:  Dark Brown
Eyes:  Blue-Gray
Height:  6' 1"
Weight:  180 lbs.
Preferred Vehicle:  Apocalypse MK-V (custom built, 8 weapon mounts)

Personality:  Stern, intelligent. He doesn't speak much, but is very deliberate and calculated with his words and actions. He highly values honor and is willing to sacrifice his life for humanity if necessary.

Primary Directive:  To covertly monitor cybrid movements near the outer planets and research advanced technology in order to defend against a possible third Earthsiege.

Trent "Sentinal" Eptusen was the head of a secret branch of the imperial military formed after the time of the first two Earthsieges, leading into the third siege. The members of this organization dubbed themselves the "Men In Black" due their constant shroud of secrecy. It was such a secretive group, that neither humanity nor cybrid alike were aware of them. Only the emperor, a few high-ranking generals, and the remaining members of the Immortal Brotherhood possessed knowledge of the organization. MIB's purpose was to monitor Prometheus's activities covertly, to provide intelligence to the emperor on cybrid movements, and to research and develop new and advanced technologies. Their main headquarters was based underground, inside an undesignated mountain range on Titan. Essentially, MIB was the emperor's personal watchdog against another possible cybrid attack. The organization had even established a subterranean surveillance facility located on the far side of Charon, Pluto's only moon. From this position, MIB intelligence was able to monitor Prometheus's movements undetected, and relay the information back to Titan.

Not much is known about Trent's early life. It is only known that he was a distant descendent of the great General Ambrose Gierling, and that he grew up in New San Diego along with his younger brother, Weston (who later used the callsign "Raven"). At the age of 22, he enlisted in the TDF, and quickly made his way up through the ranks as a HERC pilot, and eventually became a high-ranking officer. Several years later, he received a notification that he had been chosen to participate in a classified government project dubbed "Blue Darkness," for which he was given no details concerning the nature thereof. After accepting the proposition, it was revealed to him that he had accepted the responsibility to lead a secret organization whose purpose was to provide Earth with an early warning system in case the cybrids were ever to return, and to defend humanity at all costs. After having gained command of this organization, he was told by the emperor himself to appoint someone who he could trust to be his right-hand man. Naturally, he chose to appoint his brother to this position. Trent was given the callsign "Sentinal" to represent the duty for which he was obligated to perform—to be a guardian for humanity.


The division of the Men In Black that were stationed on Charon were responsible for sabotaging nearly a fifth of the initial cybrid invasion fleet by utilizing an advanced cache of technology that had been discovered there nearly seven years before the third Earthsiege began. However, the sabotage was accomplished at the expense of their own lives, because the attack exposed their position on Charon. However, they managed to relay warning transmissions back to the main headquarters on Titan, where Sentinal—unable to warn Earth due to its current position on the opposite side of the sun—began to launch evacuation ships to Earth to send warning, along with reinforcements to brace Earth for the imminent attack. Ever since that event, Sentinal has made it his personal mission to do everything in his power to see the cybrids completely eradicated, so that these brave men would not have died in vain.

Also, Sentinal's group based on Titan personally helped defend the Dias Irae acceleration beam alongside the forces of the Human Alliance long enough for it to be launched. Their secrecy was maintained through posing as several different squadrons of local forces based on Titan.

Although these events were never recorded in the history books, they truly did take place, and were intentionally covered up to preserve the ongoing secrecy of the organization.


"We do not exist...we are merely a figment of your imagination." — January 15, 2820

"Those damned 'brids murdered good men, many of whom were good friends of mine. These men fought honorably and died for the sake of humanity, not giving a second thought about their own lives...and I don't plan on letting them die in vain." — November 20, 2831

Sentinal's Apocalypse
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