Sentinal Mod (version 1.4)

The Sentinal Mod is a total conversion for Starsiege created by [MIB] Sentinal, which adds 25 new weapons, 7 enhanced weapons, 3 new armors, several new components, specific vehicle enhancements, and tougher AI. The mod is 100% compatible with normal Starsiege, because you run it with the -sentmod command line (just like the mission editor's -me). That means that you won't have to un-install the mod to play Starsiege normally.

Download (1.12 MB)
Complete Weapon List
  • Laser (Enhanced)
  • Heavy Laser (Enhanced slightly)
  • TIE Fighter Laser Cannon (New)
  • Compression Laser (Enhanced slightly)
  • Twin Laser (Enhanced slightly)
  • Millennium Falcon Quad-Gun (New)
  • Electro-Magnetic Pulse Cannon
  • Infrared Pulse Cannon (New)
  • Ultra-Violet Pulse Cannon (New)
  • Flamethrower (New)
  • Electron Flux Whip (Enhanced range to 250m)
  • Electron Flux Whip 2 (New)
  • Blaster
  • Heavy Blaster
  • Particle Beam Weapon
  • Particle Beam Weapon 2 (New)
  • Sniper Rifle (New)
  • Anti-Matter Beam Weapon (New)
  • Quantum Tunnel Beam Weapon (New)
  • SG-34 Ion Beam Weapon (New)
  • Plasmatic Phase Shifter (New)
  • Plasma Cannon (Enhanced damage and special effects)
  • Blink Gun
  • Electron Matrix Cannon (New)
  • Protonic-Fusion Cannon (New)
  • Quantum Gun
  • Magneto-Fusion Assault Cannon
  • Nano-Infuser
  • Nanite Cannon
  • 30mm Autocannon (New)
  • 60mm Autocannon (New)
  • 90mm Autocannon (New)
  • Electro-Mag Autocannon (Enhanced fire rate w/ same damage per second maintained)
  • Blast Cannon
  • Heavy Blast Cannon
  • Railgun
  • Electro-Magnetic Shotgun (New)
  • Mortar Cannon 5-Shell (New)
  • Electro-Magnetic Grenade 8-Pack (New)
  • Laser-Guided Bomb
  • Razor Rocket 30-Pack (New)
  • Scorpion Rocket 20-Pack (New)
  • Pit Viper Missile 8-Pack
  • Pit Viper Missile 12-Pack
  • Sparrow Missile 6-Pack
  • Sparrow Missile 10-Pack
  • SWARM Missile 6-Pack
  • Minion Missile 10-Pack
  • Shrike Missile 8-Pack
  • Aphid AA Missile 10-Pack
  • T-42 Cutting Laser (New, Knight's Disruptor only)
  • Mini Artillery Gun (New, Terran Disrupter only)
  • Noisy Cricket (New, Pouncer Bike and SS Bus only)
Complete Armor List
  • Carbon Fiber Laminate (CARLAM)
  • Quad-Bonded Metaplas (QBM)
  • Depleted Uranium Carapace (DURAC)
  • Ceramic (CERC)
  • Crystalluminum (Cryst/Al)
  • Titanium Crystallite (Titan)
  • Silicon-Quartz Plating (SLCN-QZ)
  • Platinum-Iridium Alloy (PLAT-IR)
  • Quicksilver Nano-Armor (QUICK)
New Components
  • Omega Reactor
  • Lambda Shield Generator
Vehicle Modifications
  • Terran and Knight's Myrmidon turret armor percentage increased
  • Overall armor of Myrmidon and Knight's Myrmidon increased
  • Advocate now has 2 medium hardpoints
  • Advocate is now faster and more agile
  • Banshee and Knight's Banshee now have large hardpoints
  • Terran Disrupter's sensor mount increased to large (for use with MAG)
  • Every AI default loadout has been modified to carry modded weapons
  • Each AI vehicle's default internals have been tuned for optimum performance (harder AI)

Before starting installation, you must make sure to remove any other mods (or mod files) that you may have installed. To install the mod, merely unzip the .zip file into your Starsiege main directory. There should be 5 files included:

  • console.cs (Required installation)
  • SentMod.vol (Required installation)
  • DMstdLib.cs (Optional installation)
  • CTFstdLib.cs (Optional installation)
  • defaultVehicles.cs (Optional installation)

Then move defaultVehicles.cs, DMstdLib.cs, and CTFstdLib.cs into your multiplayer folder, replacing the older versions of the files. These files do not change normal Starsiege gameplay in any way, and they only add a few new features to the game ONLY WHEN THE MOD IS ON. So no need to worry about anything changing permanently when replacing these files.

NOTE: You do not need to un-install this mod to play Starsiege normally. Starsiege will run how it normally does regardless of whether the mod is installed or not. In order to run the mod, you need to create a shortcut to Starsiege and add the -sentmod command line to the end of the path to starsiege.exe. Here's an example:

C:\Dynamix\Starsiege\starsiege.exe -sentmod

Now anytime you want to run the mod, all you have to do is run Starsiege using this shortcut you've created. It's as easy as that.

Also, if you want to run the mod on a dedicated server, all you need to do is add -sentmod to the end of the dedicated server shortcut's command line. Here's an example:

                        infiniteSpawn starsiege -s server_DM_ALL.cs -sentmod

Having problems with the mod? Then check the Troubleshooting FAQ Section below. If your problem isn't addressed there, then feel free to contact me with any further questions you may have.

Troubleshooting FAQ

Starsiege crashes when I switch over to normal un-modded mode and I try to join/create a server. How do I fix this?

Starsiege is crashing because the last vehicle config you loaded was a modded one. So when you switch back over to normal un-modded Starsiege, the game does not recognize the modded weapons/components and therefore, crashes. To fix this, you must go back into the Sentinal Mod mode and change your vehicle config back to a normal un-modded config. Then exit Starsiege and try running in normal mode again. To avoid this problem in the future, whenever you go to exit the Sentinal Mod, make sure your selected vehicle is an un-modded config. And if you really want to be extra safe, the best thing you can do is to not save modded configs in the first place.

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