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Starsiege (Latest Community-Patched Version)

This is the latest community-patched version of Starsiege, compatible with Windows 7/8.1/10.

Download Starsiege - Installer (SSP 7-1-2021).exe (555.06 MB)
Starsiege v1.004 Patch

This is the offical patch released by Dynamix that upgrades Starsiege v1.000 to v1.004. The patch fixes bugs, hacks, and adds the Mission Editor. There are 3 versions: the 1st is for the U.S. version of Starsiege (Windows 95/98 (also works with XP)), the 2nd is for the U.S. version of Starsiege (Windows 2000), and the 3rd is for the U.K. version of Starsiege.

Download s1000to1004_usa.exe (U.S. version Win95/98, 1.33 MB)
Download starsiegeWin2k_us.exe (U.S. version Win2K, 3.62 MB)
Download s1000to1004_uk.exe (U.K. version, 2.63 MB)
MIB Squadron Skinpack

This skinpack contains all of the official MIB squadron paint schemes used during the Starsiege. Because these skins are based on MIB fiction following the Starsiege timeline, all vehicle skins are for imperial/terran vehicles (and only a handful of colonial vehicles). In other words, since MIB is an imperial organization, there are no cybrid skins in the squadron skinpack. Remember to remap the skins before use.

Download (758 KB)
MIB Classic Skinpack

This skinpack contains the original classic black skins, personal member skins, the old EFTA skins, NASHERC skins, and other old random skins made my MIB members. If you are looking for the new official MIB skins, then download the MIB Squadron Skinpack instead. Remember to remap the skins before use.

Download (7.05 MB)
MIB Map Pack (version 6.1)

MIB Map Pack v6.1 is a comprehensive compilation of 324 multiplayer maps for Starsiege, brought to you by the infamous MIB crew. All of the maps use terrain that came with the game (except SS Chess), so anyone will be able to join your server to play. Be sure to read the included readme. The version 6.1 update contains an additional 25 previously unreleased bonus maps, as well as updates to maps and scripts from version 6.0. Thanks to all that made this compilation possible.

Download (3.19 MB)
MIB Terrain Map Pack (version 1.0)

The MIB Terrain Map Pack is a small collection of maps based on brand-new terrain. These are not your everyday terrain-based maps. They were carefully designed to be both visually stunning and interesting to play. Thanks go out to Sentinal and Super Powio for putting together this creative pack of terrain-based maps.

Download (2.47 MB)

BTW, if you look hard enough in these maps, you might find some interesting easter eggs and terrain formations, some of which may be reminiscent of the good old Earthsiege 2 days.

MIB Multiplayer Campaign (version 2.2)

The MIB Multiplayer Campaign is composed of 6 multiplayer missions which follow the Starsiege timeline from a defensive standpoint (instead of offensive). I completely re-worked the MIB Campaign missions, fixing many bugs and adding several new features. Included in this pack is also a version of the campaign which is designed to be 100% compatible with dedicated servers, which means no more server overloading or crashing during mission cycling. Read the included readme file for further details on what was changed/added and installation instructions. Trust me, you'll need to read it because it is critical that all the files are installed in the right folders in order for the campaign to run correctly. Enjoy.

Download (152 KB)
Command & Destroy [C&D] (version 2.0)

C&D is a gametype which revolutionized the way Starsiege was played. It is essentially Starsiege played in the style of a real-time strategy game, wherein you build and command armies from the battlefield in order to crush your opponents. You earn credits by destroying your enemies, which can be used to help your team purchase vehicles, turrets, structures, weapons, and more. C&D can be played in teamplay mode or in deathmatch mode, although most players prefer the strategy involved in teamplay. C&D was developed by Raven (aka Wetsun), with testing and feedback by Sentinal and Super Powio.

Download (196 KB)
Starsiege Chess (version 1.0)

Created by Sentinal, Starsiege Chess is a complete fully-functional chess game scripted into Starsiege. The pieces are made from human and cybrid vehicle husks and the chess board is an elaborate terrain created by Super Powio. The interactive cursor system allows for easy selection and movement of pieces, as well as feedback error messages if you try to make an illegal move. SS Chess also supports special chess moves, including king & queen-side castling, and pawn promotion. The script will also warn you when your king is put in check, if you attempt to move your king into check, or if your king will be in check if you move a different piece. It's THAT sophisticated! SS Chess also has a surrender option, so that a player can surrender when placed in checkmate or stalemate. It also supports the use of optional keymaps such as HercBoost_Keymap.cs and includes the new 8-button Universal_Keymap.cs. These keymaps are NOT required to play, but they make gameplay much faster than scanning target drones.

Download (612 KB)
RC Rampage (version 1.0)

Created by Raven (aka Wetsun), this game puts you in an arena where players can control an RC car or plane. Players can control their RC vehicle either by using the HercBoost Keymap, or by scanning directional arrows at the edge of the arena. Players can use their RC vehicles to play 4 different games:

  • RC Seeker Hunt - Run down seekers with your RC vehicle to score points.
  • RC DeathMatch - Destroy enemy RC vehicles by firing your RC vehicle's weapon at them.
  • RC Racing - Race around a P shaped track for 5 laps.
  • RC Capture the Flag - Steal the enemy team's flag and return it to your own, but watch out for enemy fire!
Download (26.7 KB)

For the easiest control of your RC vehicle, install the HercBoost Keymap:

Download (6.67 KB)
NASHERC Racing Map Pack (version 2.0)

The NASHERC Racing Map pack is the ultimate package for the die-hard NASHERC race fan. It includes NASHERC version 2.0 and all of the NASHERC tracks, skins, vehicle setups, logos, and more! NASHERC was created by Sentinal, with assistance from Orogogus. Original concept by ^WP^Lennex.

Download (2.88 MB)
Sentinal Mod (version 1.4)

The Sentinal Mod is a total conversion for Starsiege created by Sentinal, which adds 25 new weapons, 7 enhanced weapons, 3 new armors, several new components, specific vehicle enhancements, and tougher AI. The mod is 100% compatible with normal Starsiege, because you run it with the -sentmod command line argument (just like the mission editor's -me). That means that you won't have to un-install the mod to play Starsiege normally. For more detailed information on the mod, as well as a download link, visit the Sentinal Mod Download Page.

MIB Starsiege Scripting Tutorial (version 1.1)

This is a comprehensive tutorial written by Sentinal which will teach you the basics of SS scripting. There are 13 chapters included plus an index of scripting resources. Also included in this pack is Raven's infamous "Console_Stuff.doc" version 1.6 and an introduction to consoling. NOTE: Due to the way that the script in the tutorial is formatted, It is highly recommended that you view the tutorial in Wordpad, NOT in Microsoft Word.

Download (53.2 KB)
Raven's Console Stuff (version 1.6)

This pack includes the latest version of Raven's infamous "Console_Stuff.doc" and a introduction to consoling.

Download (22.0 KB)
ClientScript (version 3.1)

ClientScript enables clients to script on your server through the console. It includes an option to set an encrypted password, an option to show client's scripts in the chat, a customizable onSendScript() function, client-sided syntax error notification, and an illegal command list to prevent abuse. All of the information which clients need to use ClientScript is automatically provided in the Game Info tab as soon as you enable ClientScript on your server. Unzip to your Starsiege main directory and follow the instructions provided in the included ClientScript_Readme.txt file.

Download (6.06 KB)
TrigonometryStdLib.cs (version 2.1)

This is a new Starsiege standard library containing several trigonometric functions, as well as other useful mathematical operations. Script by Sentinal.

Download (8.22 KB)
EventStdLib.cs (version 1.0)

This is a new standard library which provides an alternative to Starsiege's built-in schedule() command. Like the schedule() command, EventStdLib receives commands to execute after a given peroid of time. However unlike the schedule() command, these events may be toggled to run or be executed prematurely — a useful feature that wasn't available with the schedule command. Script by Super Powio.

Download (1.54 KB)
HercBoost (version 2.1)

The HercBoost flight control system is a script which allows the vehicles in your server to utilize jumpjet-like flying capabilities. It features enhanced control of mid-air flight and a full 360 degree range of motion for forward flight. The included keymap also has enhanced controls, featuring an updated forward boost button which can be held down to boost and released to stop. The download includes BoostStdLib.cs, HercBoost_Keymap.cs, and a readme.

Download (6.67 KB)
MIB IP Logger/Banner (version 1.1)

This program utilizes a modified motd.cs to log every player that enters your server into IP_LOGGER.txt, which is created in your Starsiege main directory after you've started your server once. The program logs the date, the time, the player's name, his squad, and his IP address. You can also ban certain IPs by examining your log, then adding the player to the ban list (instructions included in motd.cs). This program does not use the player::onAdd function. This means that you still retain full scripting capabilities on your server.

Download (1.21 KB)
Server-Crashing Hack Immunity Patch (version 2.0)

This will make it so that if anyone tries to use a server-crashing hack on you, you will be immune to its effects. This immunity works for both server hosts and clients, so you should be completely safe. The immunity patch is an update to the censor.cs file in your Starsiege\scripts folder, so you will have to overwrite the one you currently have. After installing, you can enable the immunity by going into the Starsiege options menu and enabling the chat-censoring option. Full instructions about installing the immunity patch are included in the readme.

There are 2 different versions. One that doesn't censor curse words, and one that does:

Download Immunity Patch (1.05 KB)
Download Immunity Patch (w/ curse words censored) (1.26 KB)
Starsiege Tools (version 4.0)

Starsiege Tools has been completely repackaged in version 4.0 and contains just about every tool you would ever want for modding Starsiege to make custom ZED shapes, DTS shapes, custom textures, etc. Way too much stuff is included to list here. Thanks to Super Powio and many others.

Download (82.9 MB)
VX Tool 2.05 (with upgrade to version 2.06)

VX Tool is a Starsiege volume extraction and maintainance utility created by Blank Redge, which uses an easy-to-use GUI. It can be used to extract .cs, .wav, .bmp, .dts, and many more file types from Starsiege. It can also be used to compile your own .vol files. This is a very useful tool for both modders and scripters alike. Version 2.06 fixes a few annoying bugs from version 2.05.

First, you'll have to download and install version 2.05:

Download VXTool 2.05 (3.57 MB)

Then download and install the 2.06 patch:

Download VXTool 2.05 to 2.06 Patch (237 KB)
Starsiege Script Language Add-On for Notepad++ (version 1.0)

If you've never used Notepad++, it is a nice program for doing your scripting/coding, much superior to regular Notepad. Still, it is flawed because it does not support code formatting for Starsiege script. That is, until now. This add-on/plug-in for Notepad++ will allow it to recognize .cs files and format and color code your starsiege script code for easier reading, debugging, and error prevention.

Download (1.47 KB)
{GotLag?} Script Pack

This pack contains 4 very useful scripts by {GotLag?}:

  • GLutils - {GotLag?}'s Utility Library v2.6
  • GLtoolbar - {GotLag?}'s GUI Toolbar
  • GLadmin - {GotLag?}'s GUI Server Admin
  • GLclient - {GotLag?}'s Client Scripted Weapons and Defense
Download (14.1 KB)
Rock's MiniMaster

This is a resource-efficient master server program created by Rock. It can be used to set up an alternate Starsiege master server in the event that the official master servers experience downtime.

Download (121 KB)
Remote Interact (version 2.0)

Remote Interact is a new way for the server to interact with clients and vice-versa by making use of dialog boxes, which were constructed brand-new with the help of {GotLag's} GUI toolbar. There are six different dialog boxes to choose from, including Yes/No/Cancel dialogs, dialogs with editable textboxes, dialogs using pop-up menus with choices defined by the sender, and a combination of the textbox and pop-up menu. Although Remote Interact requires that that both the server and the client have the script installed for the client to take advantage of the dialog boxes, that shouldn't be a problem. Remote Interact comes with another feature to solve this: file checking. This is for people who sometimes run maps requiring a custom terrain file, or need people to download RemoteInteract.cs so that they will be able to use the dialog boxes. The server can send a request for a file, and if the receiving client does not have the required file; then that person will receive a message box stating so, along with the website address to download the file from. In addition, if the player has RemoteInteract.cs installed, then you'll have the option to have the game open the website for you! No matter what you use these tools for, this script definitely opens up a lot of possibilities. Script by Super Powio, with special thanks to Sentinal for the initial concept and {GotLag} for the work he's done with Starsiege GUI.

Download (6.62 KB)
Buzzbum's Mission Editor Modification (version 3.1)

This is a mod which adds many new shapes and objects to the Starsiege Mission Editor. It was originally created by Buzzbum, then later updated with even more shapes by S-110. Version 3.1 has been updated by Super Powio with even more shapes, several fixes, point lights, and the ability to create volumes in the mission editor. To install, just place the included RegisterObjects.cs in your Starsiege main directory. Special thanks to Izzy for figuring out point lights.

Download (14.5 KB)
Starsiege Terrain Importer (version 1.0)

This is a modification developed by Super Powio which adds a terrain importing option to the map creation dialog in the mission editor. This can be used to import a custom terrain heightmap into Starsiege. Recommended for advanced modders/scripters only! (1.00 KB)
Starsiege Terrain Exporter (version 1.2)

This is a script developed by Super Powio which allows you to export a 16-bit grayscale terrain heightmap from a Starsiege map for use in an outside program. This can be useful for recreating Starsiege terrains in other games. This package includes G16ed, a useful program written by Martin G. Bell which is capable of viewing/editing 16-bit grayscale bitmaps. Special thanks to Michael "KineticPoet" Johnston for creating ConvTED.exe. Recommended for advanced modders/scripters only! (87.3 KB)
Multiple Terrain Creator (version 1.0)

This is a modification developed by Sentinal and Raven (aka Wetsun) which will allow you to load multiple terrains into your maps. This can be used to make cave-like maps and other multiple terrain creations. Recommended for advanced modders/scripters only! (5.26 KB)
MIB Flyer Expansion Pack (version 2.0)

This pack allows you to use flyers such as the Banshee & the Advocate on 1.004 servers (if they are allowed). Version 2.0 also includes: the ability to enable flyers on your server by simply typing one console command, several pre-made configs for each flyer, several new keymaps (including new joystick maps), the MIB flyer skins, and it fixes the crashing bug with the Knight's Banshee. Be sure to read the readme file included with this pack for further details about installation.

Download (94.2 KB)
MIB Graphics Pack (version 2.0)

This pack includes high-resolution MIB logos, fonts, and related graphics for use on websites, custom skins, advertisements, desktops, t-shirts/hats, or whatever else you can possibly think of. Updated to version 2.0 which includes even higher resolution logos.

Download (4.02 MB)
MIB Insignia Pack (version 3.0)

This pack includes MIB squadron insignias and character faces for use in the Starsiege campaign screens.

Download (19.8 KB)
Raven's Quickchats (version 07.30.03)

This is the most recently updated version of Raven's infamous quickchats. Includes a phenomenal list of scripted features, which are all documented in the quickchat.cs file. Scripted by Raven (aka Wetsun), with various scriptlets provided by Sentinal, Super Powio, {GotLag}, and others.

Download (38.9 KB)
Sentinal's Quickchats (version 1.0)

This is a significantly modified version of Raven's infamous quickchats customized to Sentinal's tastes. Includes a subroutine which allows you to cycle between campaign squadmate voices and then choose a chat category from which a random quickchat is picked. Guest voice-appearances by squadmates Super Powio and Sentinal. Original quickchats by Raven (aka Wetsun), with various scripts provided by Sentinal, Super Powio, {GotLag}, and others.

Download (892 KB)
Classic MIB Quickchat WAV Package

This is the original set of .wav files used in the old MIB quickchats which were based off the MIB movie. Both Raven's and Sentinal's quickchats still provide support for these classic .wav files. Just put the files in your main Starsiege directory, and they will be available for use. Originally compiled by Excalibur.

Download (659 KB)
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